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I am thrilled to get to know you and share a bit of myself and this incredible journey with you.

I had no clue that an idea, my idea, could become a company overnight! For years I have had the fear of failing before I even put effort into pursuing my dreams. At the end of 2016, I decided it was now or never.

I was literally at my wits end as a single mother! I was trying everything I could to make ends meet and keep a roof over my daughter and my head. I had tons of ideas but none that would not require start up funds so I would dismiss each idea as quickly as I thought of them.

But one week, I had this unusual craving for chicken noodle soup… the entire week!

I could not shake the idea of making this soup. Without ever making it before, I decided I would give it a try…so I did.

OMG! The amazingness that danced in my mouth and tummy was just too good to keep to myself. Astounded by how delicious this was, I still was clueless as to what was about to happen. I looked at the clock and had to jump in the shower because it was nearing the time to pick my daughter up from school. I was in the shower praying and I asked God to give me something incredible that was just for me. I was tired of struggling. I was tired of crying myself to sleep at night and I was tired of feeling embarrassed to be in my 40’s and still searching for “success” when so many around me were thriving, living their dreams and making a mark in the world.

Why can’t that happen for me… ? I was in tears. I did not want to feel like a failure anymore. I needed something just for me. I then I heard ” fill the jars” …I had no clue what that meant but those words rang loud and clear. I heard it again but I figured maybe it was just because I had heard it earlier from somewhere. I don’t know.

I got out the shower rushing to get dressed and suddenly I thought to bring Karly some chicken noodle soup. She is always hungry after school and asks for a snack so this was perfect. Now, if I could find something to put the soup in. Somehow the lids to all my containers always disappear!

Searching for the right container I remembered I had 3 old mason jars in my cabinet from a juice bar purchase.

As soon as I poured the soup in the jar, the words “fill the jars” came back to me.

I literally almost dropped the jar as I was filling it. This was it!! FILL THE JARS!! My mind raced with ideas and my eyes filled with tears, happy tears.

I couldn’t wait to get to Walmart to pick up more jars. I found a 12 pack for $8.47. I got home and filled all 12 jars from that one pot of soup. Unbelievable! This was totally a God idea. I just needed to follow suit. The excitement I felt was indescribable. Without a clue as to how I could make this work, I was determined to keep my momentum. I came up with a name that day, “That Soup Chic” and to stay motivated I immediately started an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page. I had no clue what to do next but I knew once I put this presence out there, there was no turning back for me.

I knew I at least needed pictures so I took some with my iPhone and here I am 6 months later.

I have a website, I have been shipping coast to coast and I’m still excited about the possibilities God has in store for me. I would rather work hard on my own dream then to let it die.

I would rather work hard on my dream than to wonder what it could have been if I had just started. If we can think it, we can achieve it. Period. This was my new motto. I sold 15 jars the first day. I had no prior knowledge of the food industry and guess what? I am still learning as I continue to grow.

I refuse to allow fear to handicap my future. I am excited to see doors open all because I decided to take a leap of faith and create what I want to be a part of.

As I continue on my entrepreneurial journey,

I am excited to encourage someone in sharing with you here and through video-blogging.

Everyday will not be easy, some days I am sure I will want to quit, but those days I will pray even harder and each day I get up, I am determined to give this my all.

This is my destiny and just the beginning. Welcome to my world. Welcome to That Soup Chic.


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